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There are several billion bicycles in the world and most of them are located in urban areas. That brings a huge problem with it: theft. In the Netherlands alone there are over 20 million bicycles and one million (5%) of these bikes are getting stolen, every year. Why? Bicycles are still stupid.

Consumer goods

We have created a theft preventive bicycle localisation solution that can be attached to the rear hub of any bicycle: the Donut (it’s shaped like a donut). It uses inexpensive and energy efficient LPWAN technology that allows you to communicate with your bike for over 5 years, without changing its batteries.

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Business Optimalisation

For rental services we provide extra benefits by generating well estimated maintenance scheduling by analysing the usage and forces acting on the bicycle. The ‘OV-fiets’ is a good example of a rental service with over 8000 bicycles (that are still stupid).

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City Optimalisation

The densely populated municipalities in the Netherlands have problems maintaining the high amount of bicycles. The straybike (an abandoned bike) and inappropriately parked bikes bring high costs due to labeling, removing and storage. Communicational nudges can save millions. And on top of that, data analysis can provide substantiated handles to optimise bicycle flows and with that increase the joy of bicycle usage in urban areas.

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We do what we do best.
Mixing IoT & design to add value.

Louis & Ralph Technologies positions itself in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape and creates viable and sustainable applications for consumers using LPAWN technology. We assist consumers in everyday life with technology and are hereby fully focused on reliable service, ease of use,
and – perhaps most importantly – design.

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Clients we like to work with.
Adding value to their chain.

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What we like to do for them

Partners we already work with.
Adding value to our product.

We prefer valuable partnerships over reinventing the wheel. By collaborating with the best in the field we provide you with the best product in the market.

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